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  • [Original Single Boutique] M81098 Presbyard Moon Bag Medieval Bag Odeo Small Handbag Moon Bag with Monogram canvas and reinforced leather edges to convey a retro meaning. Adjustable shoulder strap for shoulder or cross body, presbyopia with leather chain shoulder strap moon bag crescent bag semicircle bag arc bag pea bag, light zipper is desirable to put accompanying items. Size: 24.0 x 22.0 x 6.0cm, 89873

    【原单精品】M81098老花 月亮包中古包 Odeo 小号手袋 月亮包 以 Monogram 帆布和加固皮革边角传递复古意味。可调节肩带便于肩背或斜挎,老花配皮链条肩带月亮包月牙包半圆包弧形包豌豆包,轻启拉链即可取放随行物品。尺寸:24.0 x 22.0 x 6.0 cm,89873

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  • Taking a cue from the time-honored Cannes makeup case, women’s art director Nicolas Ghesquiere recreates the classic glamour of yesteryear with this semi-rigid bag. Small size, Monogram and Monogram Reverse coated canvas blend fabric, full of traditional features of the appearance design, very elegant. With a top handle and detachable leather shoulder strap, it offers a variety of carry options. 15.0x 17.0x 15.0 cm, 89875

    【原单精品】M43986黄花 圆桶包发财包 VANITY 手袋 借鉴历史悠久的 Cannes化妆箱造型,女装艺术总监Nicolas Ghesquière以此款半硬质手袋重现昔日经典的魅力。小号尺寸,Monogram与Monogram Reverse涂层帆布混合面料,充满传统特色的外观设计,十分雅致。配有顶部手柄和可脱卸皮革肩带,提供多种背携方式。15.0x 17.0x 15.0 cm ,89875

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  • Top original Order [exclusive real M42248 presthia] small Cambridge bag this type of capacity daily enough to install the largest mobile phone without pressure, the old flower yellow leather in the ancient baguette postman belt type QQ is decorative is actually magnet opening and closing is relatively convenient there are layers in the middle, convenient sorting things and a zipper area can put some valuables. size: 25×9x15cm  89970

    顶级原单【独家实拍 M42248老花 】小号剑桥包 此款容量日常足够用装最大号手机毫无压力,老花黄皮中古法棍邮差 皮带式的扣扣是装饰其实是磁铁开合还算比较方便 中间有隔层,方便整理东西 还有个拉链区 可以放些贵重物品。size:25×9x15cm89970

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  • This OnTheGo small size handbag combines Monogram and Monogram Reverse canvas with Monogram Giant pattern on it. The Toron handle and the jacquard weave shoulder strap with the brand logo provide visual contrast. The detachable coin bag is suitable for small change or small items. Fashion charm and various functions, the achievement of daily good company. 25.0 x 19.0 x 11.5 cm 78978

    【台湾货】M46373老花 妈咪袋系列 本款 OnTheGo 小号手袋拼合 Monogram 和 Monogram Reverse 帆布,Monogram Giant 图案点缀其上。Toron 手柄和饰有品牌铭纹的提花织纹肩带构筑视觉反差,可拆卸零钱袋适宜存放零钱或玲珑小物。时尚气韵与多样功能兼备,成就日常良伴。25.0 x 19.0 x 11.5 厘米 78978

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  • M46279 presold Messenger bag series LV messenger bag out small East West Metis handbag with fashionable shoulder backpack style, rich sense of trend. The compact body is made from Monogram canvas, with a chic S-lock latch and stylish top handle, and a polished finish that shines brightly. Functional diversity, spacious space. Long shoulder strap can be removed to facilitate shoulder and back or cross body, is a good companion for daily travel. Size 21.5x6x13.5cm 89875

    M46279老花 邮差包系列 LV邮差包出小号 East West Métis 手袋采用时尚肩背书包造型,富有潮流感。小巧包身取材品牌 Monogram 帆布,配有别致的 S-lock 锁扣和时髦顶部手柄,抛光表面亮泽耀眼。功能多样,空间宽敞。可脱卸长肩带便于肩背或斜挎,乃日常出行良伴。 尺寸21.5x6x13.5cm 89875

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  • Top original order ✨ ️ Original development, all steel hardware 👏👏 Nicolas Ghesquiere repeatedly explored the inheritance of Louis Vuitton box, creating this Side Trunk small handbag. Monogram canvas with leather trim, leather zipper head creatively connected to the signature S-lock lock, with reinforced metal Angle to converge the view. Wide handles and thin leather straps are removable. Monogram Coated Canvas One cow Leather Trim One Microfiber Liner One Metal piece One Zipper Opening and Closing with S-lock Locking Buckle One Shoulder Strap: Removable, Adjustable!! Model number :M46359; Size :21x14x6CM  78978

    顶级原单✨‼️原版开发,全钢五金👏👏 Nicolas Ghesquière 重复探寻路易威登的制箱传承,创作此款 Side Trunk 小号手袋。Monogram 帆布结合皮革饰边,皮革拉链头创意衔接标志性 S-lock 锁扣,与加固金属包角共同汇聚视线。宽手柄和皮革细肩带均可拆卸。Monogram 涂层帆布一牛皮革饰边一微纤维内衬一金属件一拉链开合配有 S-lock 锁扣一肩带:可拆卸,可调节!!型號:M46359;尺寸:21x14x6CM78978

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  • M45813 Milk white chain Bag series Favorite bag for soft grain leather embossed oversized Monogram pattern, gentle pleats into high quality texture, magnetic buckle to continue the heritage of Louis Vuitton. Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap to achieve short shoulder and cross body experience, detachable chain suitable for night occasions. Size 24 x 14 x 9cm 89998

    M45813奶白 全皮链条包系列 Favorite 手袋为柔软粒面皮革压印超大 Monogram 图案,温和褶裥注入高定质感,磁扣延续路易威登传承。可拆卸并调节的肩带实现短肩背和斜挎体验,可拆卸链条适宜出席夜间场合。尺寸24 x 14 x 9 厘米89998

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  • This Speedy Bandouliere 20 handbag is made of Monogram Empreinte leather, embodified and printed in a Monogram pattern. The rolled leather handle, padlock and rounded configuration are derived from the design of the Speedy travel bag introduced in 1930. size: 20.5×13.5x12cm 465100

    M46397奶白 全皮枕头包系列 本款 Speedy Bandoulière 20 手袋选用 Monogram Empreinte 皮革,通过压印和印花工艺呈现 Monogram 图案。轧制皮革手柄、挂锁和圆润构型源自 1930 年推出的 Speedy 旅行袋设计。size:20.5×13.5x12cm。465100

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  • This Nano Speedy handbag is made of Monogram Empreinte leather, embossed and printed in a Monogram pattern. The rolled leather handle, padlock and rounded configuration are derived from the design of the Speedy travel bag introduced in 1930. size: 16x10x7.5cm 78978

    M81625奶白 全皮speedy枕头包 本款 Nano Speedy手袋选用 Monogram Empreinte 皮革,通过压印和印花工艺呈现 Monogram 图案。轧制皮革手柄、挂锁和圆润构型源自 1930 年推出的 Speedy 旅行袋设计。size:16x10x7.5cm 78978

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  • M57835 Presbytery Round bulbous Bag Papillon BB Handbag prefall 2021 Autumn/Winter collection new Papillon trunk toile monogram Handbag selected Monogram leather depicting Monogram print, Reproducing the classic Papillon handbag silhouette in pocket size. Detachable Jacquard Shoulder Strap Deliver Sports Breath Size: 20 x 10 x 10cm 78985

    M57835老花 圆鼓包 Papillon BB 手袋 prefall 2021 秋冬系列新款 Papillon trunk toile monogram手袋选取描绘 Monogram 印花的 Monogram 皮革,以袖珍尺寸再现经典 Papillon 手袋轮廓。可拆卸提花肩带传递运动气息 尺寸 :20 x 10 x 10 厘米 78985

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  • Louis Vuitton launched Montsouris BB Backpack in the winter of 2020, with classic Monogram canvas and cow leather to create a modern pocket configuration, its buckle and leather drawstring from the original design published in 1994. The top handle and removable and adjustable leather shoulder strap allow for a variety of carry modes. size: 17x20x10.5cm  89865

    顶级原单【独家实拍 M45502 】路易威登于 2020 冬季推出 Montsouris BB 双肩包,以经典 Monogram 帆布和牛皮革塑造摩登袖珍构型,其搭扣和皮革抽绳源自 1994 年问世的原版设计。顶部手柄和可拆卸并调节的皮革肩带实现多种背携方式。size:17x20x10.5cm   89865

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  • [Original single boutique] M46321 Preschooler medieval bag series Vintage Cite handbag M51183 New version open smile box bag small size, also called camera bag, because in the middle of the outside of the bag body, preschooler middle horizontal zipper box bag camera bag like an open mouth, so it has the nickname of open smile this native. The square is regular, but the collocation of shoulder and back bag belt, and a lot of leisure, so the applicable scene naturally more than a lot, but also can meet the needs of different dressing style. Size :26×10×16cm 88970

    【原单精品】M46321老花 中古包系列 Vintage Cite 手袋 M51183新版 开口笑盒子包小号尺寸,又叫相机包,由于在包身外侧正中,老花中古横拉链盒子包相机包 像一个咧开的嘴,所以也就有了开口笑这个土生土长的绰号了。方形即中规中矩,但搭配可肩背的包带,又休闲了不少,所以适用场景自然就多了不少,也可以满足大家不同的穿衣风格需求.尺寸:26×10×16cm 88970

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  • M45985 old flower apricot middle bag baguette bag series DIANE handbag This DIANE handbag is equipped with a leather shoulder strap (can be armpit back) an embroidery shoulder strap (can be shoulder back diagonal span) can be detachadeable capacity daily enough to install the largest mobile phone without pressure, Belt type QQ is decorative, in fact, magnet opening and closing is relatively convenient ~ there is a layer in the middle, convenient sorting things and a zipper area can put some valuables, size 25.0 × 9.0 × 15.0CM 88975

    M45985老花杏色 中古包法棍包系列 DIANE 手袋 此款 DIANE 手袋配有一根皮肩带(可腋下背)一根刺绣肩带(可肩背斜跨)都可以拆卸 容量日常足够用装最大号手机毫无压力,皮带式的扣扣是装饰其实是磁铁开合还算比较方便~中间有隔层,方便整理东西 还有个拉链区 可以放些贵重物品,尺寸 25.0 × 9.0 × 15.0 CM 88975

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  • M21851 grey M21850 all-leather shopping bag series Blossom Large size handbag selects hollowed out perforated cow leather to perform practical function in a leisurely style. The inner compartment is equipped with detachable zipper bag to easily accommodate daily needs; The handle is convenient for hand or elbow, and the removable and adjustable shoulder strap adds shoulder and back options. Detailed Features 30x 27.5 x 16 cm (Length x height x width)468118

    【原单精品】M21851灰色 M21850 全皮购物袋系列 Blossom 大号手袋选用镂花穿孔牛皮革,以悠闲格调演绎实用功能。内隔层配有可拆卸拉链袋,轻松容纳日常所需;手柄方便手拎或肘挎,可拆卸并调节的肩带增添肩背和斜挎选择。 详细特征30x 27.5 x 16 厘米 (长度 x 高 x 宽)468118

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  • M51257 bag


    [Original single boutique] M51257 Presbyopia medieval bag series medieval shoulder bag inspired by Louis. Vintage details from the Vuitton Archive and bright lining tones add a more lively touch to Monogram’s classic canvas. The size is just right, the size is absolutely too right, the adjustable length strap is not seasonal not clothing everything, size25 x 22×4 cm89865

    【原单精品】M51257老花 中古包系列 中古单肩包 灵感源自路易.威登档案馆的复古细节, 明快的内衬色调为 Monogram 经典帆布增加了更多活泼生动之感。 大小刚刚好,尺寸绝对太合适,可调节长度的肩带 不挑季节 不挑衣服的百搭单品,size25 x 22×4 cm89865

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  • M46575 bag


    The M46575 Elephant Gray speedy Collection Bandouliere 20 Handbag is made of Monogram Empreinte leather with logo and Monogram floral pattern, The M46397 Speedy Bandouliere 20 handbag is a modern classic. The design is inspired by the 1930s Speedy trunk line, returning the original styling with hinged handles. Equipped with leather metal chain strap, easy shoulder back and cross body. Size: 20.5 x 13.5 x 12cm 89988

    【原单精品】M46575大象灰 全皮speedy系列 Bandoulière 20 手袋 由Monogram Empreinte 皮革制成,饰有标识与 Monogram 花卉图案,此款 Speedy Bandoulière 20 手袋 M46397 堪称摩登经典之作。设计灵感源于 1930 年代的 Speedy 旅行箱系列,还原最初的造型与铰接式手柄。配有皮革金属链包带,便于肩背和斜挎。尺寸:20.5 x 13.5 x 12 厘米89988

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  • [Original Single Boutique] M45578 Presbytery Apple Bag Series Round Cake Soft Bag M45149 Boite Chapeau Souple Small Handbag Nicolas Ghesquiere drew inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s travel heritage to create the Boite Chapeau Souple Bag. Monogram canvas and natural cowhide trim show elegance, and the exquisite hatcase configuration contains plenty of space, making it easy to carry around everyday needs. Size: 17 x 18 x 7 cm. 78968

    【原单精品】M45578老花 苹果包系列 圆饼软包 M45149 BOÎTE CHAPEAU SOUPLE 小号手袋Nicolas Ghesquière 向路易威登的旅行传承汲取灵感,打造 Boîte Chapeau Souple 手袋。Monogram 帆布和天然牛皮饰边展露典雅气息,玲珑帽盒构型内含充裕空间,令日常所需轻巧随行。尺寸:17 x 18 x 7 厘米。78968

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  • M42256 Presbytery SAUMUR Medium Handbag M40710 Middle Messenger Bag Twin Star Handbag Saumur Medium handbag made of Monogram canvas shows the natural elegance of Louis Vuitton. Casual cross body more fashionable appeal, delicate cowhide edge outline a very feminine shape. Size: 28x11x20cm. 88975

    【原单精品】M42256老花 SAUMUR 中号手袋 M40710 中古邮差包 双子星手袋 采用 Monogram 帆布制作的 Saumur 中号手袋展现了路易威登自然的优雅气质。 随意斜挎更显时尚感染力,精致的牛皮饰边勾勒出极富女人味的外形。 尺寸: 28x11x20cm。88975

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  • Multi Pochette Accessories M44813 Green Shoulder Strap 5 in 1 Mahjong Bag Multi Pochette Accessories are designed with Monogram canvas and are equipped with multiple pockets and compartments. Adjustable gold chain and Louis Vuitton embossed jacquard shoulder strap provide cross-body and other carry options. Size: Large package 25.0 × 13.0cm small package 20.0 × 11.0cm round cake package 10.0 × 10.0cm    89860

    【原单精品】M44813绿色肩带 五合一麻将包 Multi Pochette Accessories 手袋以 Monogram 帆布构筑三件合一的活力设计,另配备多个口袋和隔层。可调节金色链条与路易威登铭纹提花肩带提供斜挎等多种背携方式。尺寸:大包25.0 × 13.0cm 小包20.0 × 11.0cm 圆饼包10.0 × 10.0cm89860

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  • 【 Original Single Boutique 】N40451 Brown Messenger Bag Collection CROISETTE Handbag Compact and modern designed, Damier Azur Canvas CROISETTE features a two-tone hand-woven leather strap for a colorful summer touch. This stylish item is spacious enough to store all the basics of everyday life and your wallet. It can be carried hand, shoulder or sideways. Detailed Features – 25 x 17 x 9.5cm 78980

    【原单精品】N40451啡格 邮差包系列 CROISETTE 手袋 紧凑和现代设计,Damier Azur帆布CROISETTE 的特点是双色调手工编织皮革表带,为丰富多彩的夏季触摸。这件时尚的物品足够宽敞,可以存放日常所有基本物品和钱包。它可以进行手,肩膀或横向。详细特征 – 25 x 17 x 9.5厘米78980

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  • M20987 Peach Pink Water Rippling Collection M59386 BUCI Handbag This Buci handbag is made from the signature Epi leather, with smooth leather lining and corners for a classic soft silhouette. Resin LV logo exuding modern atmosphere, adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable shoulder back or cross body. Detailed features 24.5 x 15.5 x 9 cm

    【原单精品】M20987蜜桃粉 水波纹系列 M59386 BUCI 手袋 本款 Buci 手袋取材标志性 Epi 皮革,以光滑皮革勾勒边角和衬料,成就经典柔和轮廓。树脂 LV 标识流露摩登气息,可调节肩带实现舒适肩背或斜挎。详细特征24.5 x 15.5 x 9 厘米 89988

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  • This bag is a medium version of the famous Noe bag, suitable for most people. Louis Vuitton was originally created in 1932 to carry champagne bottles. Chic styling, the achievement of this classic 100 years L presbyard bucket bag.

     Bag Size: W24 *H27* D18 (cm) 

    M42226老花 水桶包系列 这款包包是著名Noe袋的中号版,适合大多数人使用。路易威登原创于1932年,原用以携载香槟酒瓶。别致的造型,成就了这款经典百年的L 老花水桶包。包包尺寸: W24 H27 D18 (cm)

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  • Top original mono ️ The original developed, all-steel hardware design of the classic 1932 Noe handbag is reimagined in a cute mini version. With a leather-reinforced bottom, the body is less than 9 inches high. Made from Monogram canvas, the Noe bag features the original signature leather drawstring, as well as an extended strap for a casual cross-body. Iconic leather drawstring Opening and Closing a natural cowhide trim a shiny gold metal fitting a fabric lined with a D-shaped ring for a reinforced base, bag can stand up with a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap!! ;

    Size :22x24x15CM

    顶级原单‼️原版开发,全钢五金设计于 1932 年的经典 Noé 手袋以可爱的迷你款重新演绎。包底采用皮革加固设计,包身高度不到 9 英寸。这款由 Monogram 帆布制成的 Noé 手袋采用了原有的标志性皮革拉带,以及用于休闲斜挎的加长型背带。标志性的皮革束绳开合一天然牛皮饰边一闪亮的金色金属配件一织物内衬一 D形环一加固底座,包袋可竖起一可拆卸,可调节肩带!!;

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  • Matching Box Gift bag LV🇫🇷 Top original single M81266

    The new nano neo small bucket meets the daily drawstring and convenient mobile phone 📱 can fit all belongings

    Size: 13×16×10CM

    配套盒子礼品袋 LV🇫🇷顶级原单 M81266
    新款nano neo小水桶 满足日常 抽绳又方便 手机📱随身物品都可以装

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  • Top level original list

    [Exclusive real shot M41023] Medieval bags are very classic bags not only special style and

    Not afraid of rotten street is withstand the test of time + out of print boutique even 10 years,

    Twenty years on, it still stands the test of market pickiness.

    Size: 27.5×13×23.5cm.


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  • Top level original list

    [Taiwan goods] M46040 m white leather shopping bag series Neverfull medium shopping bag

    The redesigned inner bag features a fresh fabric lining and vintage details inspired by the Louis Vuitton archive,

    The most remarkable is the slip-off zipper clutch, which can stand alone as a delicate clutch,

    Can also be used as an extra pocket.


    【台湾货】M46040米白全皮 购物袋系列 Neverfull中号购物袋

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  • Top original single 🇫🇷M45678 Blue This Neverfull medium Tote bag comes in a gradient pastel tone

    Dip-dyed Monogram Giant canvas blends in a summer touch of leather flowers.

    Size: 31×28×14CM 89864

    顶级原单🇫🇷M45678 蓝色 本款 Neverfull 中号 Tote 包以渐变粉彩色调
    浸染 Monogram Giant 帆布,融入皮革花卉的夏日气息。
    尺寸:31×28×14CM 89864

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  • Top original single 🍬

    [exclusive real shot M45965] TRIO messenger bag

    Virgil Abloh has re-teamed with Japanese designer Nigo to create the Trio Messenger Bag for the NIGO® x capsule line

    Flexible design with zipper main compartment detachable zipper bag and fixed to adjustable shoulder strap independent coin purse

    “Loui Vuitto made” heart stickers with finishing touches

    size: 25×18.5x7cm

    顶级原单 🍬
    【独家实拍M45965】 TRIO 邮差包
    Virgil Abloh 与日本设计师 Nigo 再度合作 为 NIGO® x 路胶囊列打造 Trio 邮差包
    灵活设计拥有拉链主隔层 可拆卸拉链袋和固定于可调节肩带的独立零钱包
    “Loui Vuitto made”字样心形贴饰点睛细节

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  • Top original single [Taiwan goods] M53152 Presbyopia shell series small alma bb handbag

    It’s one of Louis Vuitton’s most architecturally striking handbags.

    Based on a design by Gaston Weedon named after Alma Bridge,

    The bridge connects two fashionable neighbourhoods in Paris. The signature Monogram canvas gives it a classic feel.

    Size: 23.5 x 17.5 x 11.5 cm 78988

    顶级原单【台湾货】M53152老花 贝壳包系列 小号 alma bb手袋
    其原型是由加斯顿·威登设计并以Alma Bridge 为其命名的一款作品,
    此桥连接了巴黎相邻的两个时尚街区。标志性 Monogram 帆布赋予它经典气质。
    尺寸:23.5 x 17.5 x 11.5 厘米 78988

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  • Top original single ✨ ️ Original development, all steel hardware 👏👏 CarryAll small handbag from Monogram

    Canvas and leather trim, the achievement of urban life intimate companion. The abundant configuration has a neat inner layer,

    Large inner pocket to add functional elements. Monogram canvas zipper clutch bag secured with leather strap

    . Monogram coated canvas with a microfiber lining a cow leather trim a metal piece a small inner sticker bag

    Zipper inner bag with a leather strap and magnetic buckle opening and Closing with a leather strap fixed removable zipper bag with a removable, adjustable shoulder strap!!

    Model number :M46203;

    Size :29x24x12CM  78963

    顶级原单✨‼️原版开发,全钢五金👏👏 CarryAll 小号手袋取材 Monogram
    大号内袋再添功能元素。Monogram 帆布拉链手拿包通过皮革带固定
    。Monogram 涂层帆布一微纤维内衬一牛皮革饰边一金属件一小号内贴袋一

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  • Top original single 🍬

    🍭 Model M45321

    Roller fabric does not rub off Synchronous counters straps to black shopping bags of sand bag double color stitching 🏖 ️

    Size: 34.5x15x27CM🍀


    顶级原单 🍬
    滚轮面料不掉色 同步专柜肩带改黑皮 购物袋 沙滩包双色拼接🏖️

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  • Top original single ✨ ️ Original development, all steel hardware 👏👏 Nicolas Ghesquiere

    Tracing back to the Louis Vuitton archive of Croissant handbags, the Loop half-moon was launched in the early spring 2022 collection

    Big bowl of bean buns. The compact configuration fits body rhythms, and the chain and leather straps allow for shoulder and back options.

    Monogram coated canvas a natural cattle leather trim a fabric liner a metal piece a leather strap fixation

    Detachable Zipper Pack a zipper seal with a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap!! Model number :M46311;

    Size :38x26x10CM  78965

    顶级原单✨‼️原版开发,全钢五金👏👏 Nicolas Ghesquière
    溯源路易威登档案中的 Croissant 手袋,于 2022 早春系列推出 Loop 半月形
    Monogram 涂层帆布一天然牛皮革饰边一织物内衬一金属件一皮革带固定

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